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"working together to create a better tomorrow"

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Thoughtful Planning Often Takes a Backseat to Life

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Every Tax Season Arrives Sooner Than We Would Like

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Tailored Solutions...

For individuals:
Your future starts today, not tomorrow. Life happens as they say, and when it does, it requires us to understand how our personal decisions may impact planning considerations. Similar to economic events which move markets, so won't life events influence your financial plans. Which is why we offer dedicated support backed by a decision-making process enabling longer-term benefits to be optimized while shorter-term issues are minimized.

Most individuals pass through four financially significant stages as they age. Income levels, spending patterns, family situations and areas of financial concern, while not exactly predictable, tend to follow this pattern. What’s right when you start working may change as you start a family. What’s good for you at the peak of your career will likely change when you retire? That said... as you walk, skip or run through life, we'll assist by working together to create a better tomorrow!

For businesses:
We provide custom CPA led solutions and advice. We help clients identify problems, remove obstacles and set goals. Every business is unique, no cookie-cutter approach here. We offer bookkeeping, tax and advisory solutions, even employee educational services as unique as the clients we serve. In an ever-changing business landscape, it’s absolutely imperative to stay ahead of the curve and, even more paramount, to remain as adaptable as possible. Don’t let your business fall behind, keep yourself relevant.

Are you a bookkeeper needing CPA Advisory or  Enrolled Agent Support...?

Joining a professional network is one of the best options to consider when seeking to increase exposure. The "Abacus Professional Services Network" is a free solution offering...

Visibility... increase your exposure, be it to fellow members or to others outside the network
Referrals... network associations often receive inquiries. A network can connect potential customers with members 
Credibility... membership in a network association offers professional acceptance
Dedicated Platform... when Marketing and CRM support are available, it's easier to grow your practice
Access to Resources and Information... when joining a network, you'll have access to valuable resources
Promotion... referencing network affiliations when self-promoting can reinforce interest in your services
Strength Through a Common Purpose... the Abacus network can provide you with a number of quality partners or services. You will be able to offer a one-stop shop for your clients and that is often a unique selling point for any organization. Not to mention the increased credibility as we keep you informed, involved and connected as they utilize an expanded menu of services available through you, plus so much more... for further details, go to the "Job Board" and review the "Bookkeeper Affiliate" announcement.