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About Our Agency

Traditional Services with More Convenience…

We believe the financial services industry was founded on biased origins. Overcoming this stigma by earning and maintaining a trusted professional status is a battle fought everyday throughout the financial services world. In an industry where various proprietary and promotional incentives are common, this creates a major challenge. Our goal has always been to develop relationships which move us beyond those corporate interests.

Our Vision

For over 25 years Abacus has practiced with one basic thought in mind, that a client’s success is also our success! Abacus is a full service agency which means we offer the experience of licensed tax, accounting, investment, insurance and estate professionals when developing purpose-based strategies for our clients.

Our Mission

We are committed to the process of providing personalized financial strategies designed to create a better tomorrow, with no minimum account size and ensuring our services are available to any and all interested in receiving individualized guidance.

Our Values

We offer a mutually collaborative and educational experience. We believe our commitment to serving a clients best interest creates…

  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Balance
  • Convenience
  • Discipline

Our Strategy

We come to you… in-home, at work, over lunch or coffee… wherever life leads you! A concierge level service offering the convenience a busy world requires. We believe our commitment to in-home consultations makes us unique. However, technology does offer and does provide a less-invasive more convenient option through screen-share and other capabilities.