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About Our Agency

Traditional Services with More Convenience…

We believe the financial services industry was founded on biased origins. When seeking to earn and maintain a trusted professional status, overcoming this stigma is a battle fought every day. In an industry where various proprietary and promotional incentives are common, this becomes our challenge. The focus has always been to move beyond those corporate interests....

Our Vision

For over 30 years, Abacus has practiced with one basic thought in mind, that a client’s success is also our success! Abacus is a full-service agency, which means we offer the experience of licensed tax, accounting, investment, insurance and estate professionals as we serve our clients.

Our Mission

A client-centered process committed to creating a better tomorrow, a purpose-based strategy with no pre-qualifications ensuring all services are available to everyone, regardless of their current situation.

Our Values

We offer a mutually collaborative and educational experience. All clients receive access to the "Abacus Financial Wellness" service (See Educational Services Page for Further Details) committed and ready to serve the client's best interest as we build...

  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Balance
  • Convenience
  • Discipline

Our Strategy

We are a remote service. Coming to you… in-home, at work, over lunch or coffee… wherever internet access is available! Our concierge-styled assistance offers the convenience a busy world requires. You may interact with our team via any means. No bot-chats here, just real-time human support when needed. Should you ever be placed into voicemail, leave a message, we return all calls in the order they were received.