Administrative Assistant Announcement

Status: Open Recruitment (No End Date)
Compensation: Hourly (Project-Based)

Are you analytical and comfortable taking the lead if required? Do you consider yourself adept at working independently? Do you prefer roles that benefit from the existence of a process that drive better outcomes? Would people describe you as personable and highly dependable? Are you known for your ability to execute with a high degree of expediency and accuracy?

If this sounds like you, we invite you to become a member of our remote administrative workforce...

About Us

We spend our days marketing to prospective clients as well as servicing the needs of existing clients to maximize agency productivity, job satisfaction and assuring the right people have been assigned to the right projects. As a Virtual Assistant, you will provide support to our team of licensed professionals, such as CPAs, Enrolled Agents with the Internal Revenue Service, Accredited Financial Counselors and others to ensure the smooth operation of day-to-day activities.

Required Attributes

Detail Oriented... Execute tasks with precision, paying meticulous attention to details. The ability to maintain accuracy in every aspect is paramount.
Self-Motivated... Able to work autonomously, prioritize and manage assigned tasks efficiently. Shows initiative to address challenges and opportunities.
Able to Meet Deadlines... Navigate through tasks swiftly and effectively. Adapt to challenging work pressures without compromising quality.
Communication Champion... Offer exceptional interpersonal skills. Demonstrates a keen awareness for the importance of timely and accurate information.
Problem-Solver... Identify potential issues before they arise and propose effective solutions. Your ability to foresee challenges will be instrumental.


Experience in administrative tasks and responsibilities
Exceptional organizational and time-management skills
Strong proficiency with MS Office, Google Suite and other administrative tools
Demonstrated ability to work independently and under tight deadlines
Detail-oriented mindset with a commitment to precision

What We Offer

Independent Contractor status offering direct deposit of pay
Project Based, interactive on-demand remote position with direct access to management
Exposure to a variety of tasks and projects

Bottom Line

Even though this is a part-time position with no specific hours, we are seeking individuals who possess and offer the same qualities as our full-time staff. Our ideal candidate is someone working in a full-time position but looking for supplemental income with a flexible enough schedule to meet the job requirements. We are not a difficult environment to work in, but we do require a very specific work ethic...

Interested? Please send your CV or Resume to...
You must have regular employment with an interest in a work from home position as well. Make sure your contact information is referenced. Looking forward to hearing from you!