We Love Month End, Saving the World Through Peace, Goodwill and Reconciliations…

Experience has taught us that small business owners are a unique group, especially in the early stages. Deciphering their entrepreneurial mindset routinely perplexes larger organizations looking to provide a service.

As a smaller agency, we provide business owners with a solution that addresses the priority issues first. We won't start with a 3 or 5-year business plan, no return on investment or value received over time projections, just simply focusing on the issues that need to be resolved upfront... everything else comes later.

What we've learned....

Business owners appreciate tailored solutions.... they want their provider to embrace the need and be oriented to the current situation. Abacus begins by reviewing what clean-up work may be necessary to address the owners list of priorities. Clients are asked to provide either an accountant's copy or access to their current online platform. No migration of data is necessary.

Owners want an assessment.... what’s the corrective action and to have questions answered, how additional services are received or to add features with the assurance they will be included in the service agreement. We believe good service is always rewarded with loyalty.

When satisfied, they will go out of their way to maintain the relationship knowing what they have learned about you is more comforting than what they don’t know about someone else. They seek relationship builders, we've learned to listen, because they're searching for a willingness to understand their concerns.

So here’s the question, have we described your thoughts....? 

If yes, then in the time since you started your entrepreneurial journey has your internal bookkeeping, payroll or tax reporting become frustrating and time-consuming? Have you been encouraged to find a good service that can assist you? What about strategic planning?

If you've put off that advice thus far, it generally means you’ve been spending most of your time growing your business and managing most roles yourself or with the assistance of a small staff. Now might be a good time for some research though, because now, you're involved with more than recording payables and receivables. Now, you’ll want to guarantee the security, power and continued success of your business.

Abacus provides remote services to all business entities, including home-based sole-proprietors, especially when they have employees or independent contractor staff recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. 

Our CPA led accounting teams provide bookkeeping, payroll, tax and advisory support. Abacus bookkeepers offer years of cloud-based multi-platform experience. We have bookkeepers certified on the following platforms... Quickbooks, Xero, Sage, and Patriot. Need advanced certification on platforms such as NetSuite, SAP, or Great Plains... okay, just give us your requirements. Every client is provided with a single internal account manager to address their needs. You may interact with your account manager as necessary. However, quarterly CPA consultations are part of our normal process.

We Offer Both Fixed and Hourly Pricing Models....

For single project, "CPA Advisory" work, the range nationally runs between $150-$250 per hour, our price is $99.00 per hour. For ongoing support, our price starts at $298.00 per month and includes the following USA-based services, nothing offshore....

*Dedicated CPA with quarterly consults
*Dedicated Internal Account Manager
*All Bookkeeping, Payroll, Tax Work and Filings as Required
*Access to Small Business Administration (SBA) Compliant Development & Planning Software
*Access to a free "Financial Wellness" Program for Your Employees

Note: Your monthly fee will be quoted after review of the specific bookkeeping, payroll and tax work required. Also, while every task bookkeeping completes is vital, the financial health of your business and its ongoing operation are only fully achieved when business development and tax planning have been brought into the process.

Still not convinced....

How about access to our team of investment or insurance professionals to create and service employee benefit programs, plus much more....

Onboarding is easy....

You are matched with a CPA-led team offering the equivalent of in-house full-charge bookkeeping with additional development and advisory support when required. You'll receive a firm quote for your recurring monthly service. Incidental non-routine accounting/bookkeeping tasks requested or coming due during a specific month will be added to the monthly invoice when applicable and billed at an hourly rate.

When partnering with Abacus, you'll access "Certified Executive Level" professionals with full support to oversee the bookkeeping/accounting and tax-related tasks while controlling salary and benefit costs as well. Just starting out...? We offer a preformatted Excel workbook to get you started with full support or we can help you select an appropriate online package. Have additional questions, just give us a call....

**Service Disclosure**
Every client receives a firm quote for the recurring monthly tasks with their service agreement. You will be assigned to an experienced CPA led accounting & bookkeeping team. All bookkeeping, accounting, tax services and document preparation tasks are completed based on client records. Nothing will be added or deleted that would portray an inaccurate reporting of your business situation.