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We Love Month End, Saving the World Through Peace, Goodwill and Reconciliations…

We have learned from experience that small business owners are a unique group. Deciphering the entrepreneurial mindset is something that routinely perplexes larger organizations looking to provide services. They don’t seem to understand that establishing a three or five-year business plan during the early stages is not a priority, the reality is more like a rough draft monthly plan. Typically, these entrepreneurs do not respond well to future “Return on Investment” messages or “Value Received” over time projections because they're looking to fix something right now.

They seek service first... 
They want the seller to understand their need and to be oriented on what they bought. They want to know what to do next, who to contact with questions, how to pay, how to receive additional services, how to add features and they want it all included as part of the service agreement. When received they will reward good service with their loyalty.

So, that’s a good thing... but it’s a two-way street. They will be loyal to service providers that are loyal to them. They’ll go out of their way to maintain the relationship because what they have learned about you is more comforting than what they don’t know about someone else. 

And more than anything they want consistency... 
They’re looking for relationship builders... don’t sell, educate because they're searching for a willingness to understand their concerns. 

So, here’s the question... in short, have we been describing your interests as well...? 
If yes, then in the time since you started your entrepreneurial journey has your internal bookkeeping, payroll or tax reporting become frustrating and time consuming? Have you been encouraged to find a good service that can assist you? What about strategic planning?

If you've put off that advice thus far, it generally means you’ve been spending most of your time growing your business and managing most roles yourself or with the assistance of a small staff. Now might be a good time for some research though, because now, you're involved with more than recording payables and receivables. Now, you’ll want to guarantee the security, power and continued success of your business.

Abacus provides remote services to all business entities, including home-based sole-proprietors, especially when they may have employees or independent contractor staff recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. 

Our CPA led accounting teams provide bookkeeping, payroll, tax and advisory support. Abacus bookkeepers offer years of cloud-based multi-platform experience. We have bookkeepers certified on the following platforms... Quickbooks, Xero, Sage, and Patriot. Need advanced certifications on platforms such as NetSuite, SAP, Oracle or Great Plains... okay, just give us your requirements. Every client is provided with a single internal account manager to address their needs. You may interact with your account manager as necessary, however, quarterly CPA consultations are part of our normal process. 

We'll begin by reviewing whether clean-up work will be necessary. Clients must provide access to their online platform. Don't have an online bookkeeping software subscription? We can offer access to discounted subscriptions from each of the major providers. When working within an existing subscription, migration of data is not required.

Last, but certainly not least, there is an additional consideration. While every task bookkeeping completes is vital, the financial health of your business and its ongoing operation are only fully achieved when business development and tax planning have been brought into the process.

Two Pricing Packages to Choose From...

Looking to remove yourself from the bookkeeping tasks....? Our "Basic Service" was designed for Sole Proprietors and Single-Member LLC's providing financials to a local accountant. Service includes a dedicated bookkeeper to process unlimited monthly transactions with one bank and one credit card reconciliation monthly. A simple "Cash Basis" accounting package that includes bookkeeping... payroll up to 9 individuals, free access to our SBA compliant business planning software plus tax preparation & filing using Schedule "C" Form 1040... priced at $289.00 per month.

*Don't have a local accountant, okay, we can help....
*Have more than two accounts needing reconciliation, ask for a quote...

Looking for full support from a CPA led accounting team to reduce salary and benefit costs... then you'll want our "Comprehensive Package" designed for larger businesses generally above 30k in monthly expense looking to reduce costs or reclaim staff for other priorities. Our rate provides one set price for all services which honors our savings guarantee, what is our Savings Guarantee...? 

Since we operate remotely we offer a fixed savings (discount) ranging from 36% to 43% below the current salary and benefits paid. Just calculate and subtract a minimum of 36% (could be more) to arrive at your savings. Then divide by 12 to determine your monthly fee.

You are matched with one of our CPA-led accounting teams providing unlimited and dedicated bookkeeping, payroll and business advisory support. It also includes a dedicated Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue Service to assist with tax preparation, planning and/or resolution. Additional access to our licensed investment and insurance professionals is also included when requested.

Don't have staff, no problem... according to various industry related survey's the average annual salary for a "Full-Charge Bookkeeper" is between $43,210 and $77,367... it varies by state and includes the average annual employee benefit cost as well. It does not include other discretionary incentives though. We will use your states average to offer an opening quote for discussion.

The following "Professional Services" are all USA based and included in our Comprehensive Service package...

Dedicated CPA
Dedicated Enrolled Agent
Dedicated Internal Account Manager
All Bookkeeping, Payroll, Tax Work and Filings as Required
Access to Our SBA compliant Business Planning Platform

Three certified executive level professionals plus full support for less than the salary of one full-charge bookkeeper. Still working with Excel spreadsheets, we can help you select an appropriate package as well.

**Service Disclosure**
Every client is provided a confidentiality agreement as part of their service contract.. You will be assigned to an experienced CPA led accounting & bookkeeping team. Each team includes a dedicated Enrolled Agent and further internal support. All recordkeeping and document preparation tasks are completed based on the client records provided. Nothing will be added or deleted that would portray an inaccurate accounting of your business situation.