Insurance Agent Announcement

Status: Open Recruitment (No End Date)
Compensation: Referral & Commission Based

Hi, we’re Abacus, a financial services agency in the accounting, tax and investment space that’s looking for assistance in growing our firm in awesome and delightful ways. We’re not stuffy or stuck in a rut. We dislike long, endless meetings, we employ a very flat management structure, we’re 100% customer-centric, and we are looking to expand our referral network of licensed agents nationwide.

Are you an “Insurance Agent” interested in opportunities? Wanting to build your own agency? Not intimidated by the thought of self-employment? Do you relate to autonomy and empowerment? Would you like to max-out client support like never before? 

If yes... then congratulations on your decision because you’re offering the mindset we desire. As a member of our service network, you will maintain your independence but gain access to licensed professionals capable of assisting you with client needs while earning a referral-based income stream as well.

Interested in Additional Carrier Relationships, with Reduced Back-Office Pressure...

Burnout is a problem and insurance agents are particularly vulnerable. The role of an agent involves selling policies and catering to the needs of existing policyholders, requiring them to interact with many individuals and/or organizations on a daily basis. If an agent becomes overwhelmed, their ability to fulfill these critical responsibilities may be compromised. We can solve the contracting, administrative and servicing problems if you are willing to accept a reasonable reduced payout, allowing your headache to disappear and giving you the opportunity to focus on what you do best... sales!

Worried About Lead Generation... 

We have multiple lead streams available. Some are free while others are discounted. Need a website or perhaps revamp the one you currently own? No problem. Agent branded marketing materials are available to all Abacus affiliated agents.

Interested in Creating Revenue Streams Beyond Insurance Without Increased Liability...

We have licensed professionals in the following areas... tax services, investment services, accounting & bookkeeping along with credentialed financial counselors ready for inclusion on your menu of services, elevating your agency operations to unprecedented levels! Abacus will refer leads in your resident state or support existing clients as requested, all while keeping you informed and earning referral fees as they utilize our services. Referral fees are based on the services provided. Give us a call and dive deeper into the possibilities. Great insurance outsourcing is no longer a challenge, we help network agents succeed! 

Here is a partial listing of services offered to agent partners, services highlighted qualify for referral-based compensation.... 

* One stop access to over 100 Life and Health carriers via our vetted FMO relationships 
* Free case design and application processing 
* Policy reviews with recommendations 
* Free leads via our internal marketing resources 
* Discounted leads for more specific targeting requests (100 lead minimum at 50 cents each) 
* Discounted websites w/digital marketing options 
* Free “Financial Wellness Program” for your business clients 
* Tax Prep, Planning and Resolution by Enrolled Agents licensed directly with the Internal Revenue Service 
* Bookkeeping & Accounting Services by CPA led accounting teams 
* Investment Services offered by licensed Investment Professionals 
* CPA Advisory to include “Business Formation” assistance
* Free Personal Finance Newsletter available to your clients 
* Plus, phone support for over 400 different personal finance calculations 

Interested? Please send your CV or Resume to... only U.S. residents are considered. Make sure your contact information and the position you're applying for are clearly referenced. Looking forward to hearing from you!