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Thoughtful Preparation Often Takes a Backseat to Life, We’re Here to Help…

In our twenty-five plus years of providing financial services there is one comment we have heard more often than any other, “Sorry, but I just don’t have the money right now”… which fails to realize one thing. That it is never about the size of your wallet.

It is about the desire to create a better tomorrow and maintaining the discipline to follow through. Because no matter how small your financial commitment may seem there is one thing for sure, that over the long term, those well placed dollars will benefit you more than having done nothing at all.

Financial savvy can take a while, but the basics are fairly simple and never change. How you manage, spend, and invest your money can have a profound impact on your life, yet few schools teach these important skills. And, individuals who embark on their own self-directed journey often get overwhelmed by books, software and seminars with limited perspective.

You were probably taught some basic skills growing up, but too many people make it all the way to adulthood without ever learning basic money management. Things like creating a spending plan, investing and asset allocation, tax planning or using insurance to protect future cash flows are foreign concepts to most. Also, your finances are just as much about the habits and values you choose to live by… or to put it another way, your mindset matters just as much as the math.

We provide a better way forward through a collaborative retirement-focused service…

By taking a client-centric approach we seek to improve financial security beyond mere performance. Just as one gear needs another gear to work efficiently; we feel financial decisions generally require inputs from, and coordination with other considerations.

The most important personal finance rules don’t change. What your parents and grandparents did may not work for you. There may always be newer, better tools to manage your money. However, spending less than you earn will always be beneficial. Having a consistent saving's plan is a good start. And, evaluating for the long-term financial need is a necessary function of life.

We all experience the constant pressures of family, career, community responsibilities and personal enrichment. In a world of constant economic, political, and social change consumers engage the guidance of financial professionals to achieve security and independence. Since 1993, we have been committed to the overall benefit of a goals-based program and work to promote public understanding on the value of engaging a professional.

We can help you prepare wisely in the following ways…

*Accumulation Strategies
*Maximizing After-Tax Returns
*Post-Retirement Income Planning
*Insurance Needs (Pre and Post-Retirement)

Our recommendations are tailored to each individual and begin with an initial consultation. The process continues through scheduled meetings as we build, work toward and monitor a customized program that helps you comfortably pursue both short and long term financial goals. Additionally, we offer two other programs for your convenience… virtual tax preparation, and if applicable, bookkeeping for small and home-based business owners at affordable rates.

** Service Disclosure**
All recommendations assume your willingness to make the non-investment and/or investment commitments required. Pursuing a goals-based strategy is considered a year round activity, which means it should be based on updated data and assumptions after various life events have occurred. However, due to the dynamic nature of our economic, investment, insurance, and tax environments, no guarantees or assurances can be given.