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Financial wellness is a relative measure of how well a person manages their financial life. Improving financial wellness starts with practicing better money habits, setting goals and taking steps toward improving the quality of life. Similar to what psychologists refer to as the hierarchy of needs there’s also a hierarchy of financial need.

Also, it establishes your "wants" by going beyond your "needs" making wellness and literacy closely related. Since financial wellness involves taking steps to produce a positive result then financial literacy is just embracing those concepts to pursue it successfully. There are several ways an individual could improve financial wellness... but the first step is always to improve one’s financial literacy. From this vantage, individuals may apply that knowledge to achieve the end goal of financial wellness.

The Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education (a non-profit 501c3 organization) describes financial educators and counselors as enablers who encourage individuals and families to view positively behavioral adjustments as they prepare to make financial decisions.

As a society our most important asset is our ability to make money and our biggest liability is our obsession for spending it all. Educators mentor while financial service professionals use their technical training to offer solutions as they match client preferences to a product or strategy. These are two separate functions but when working together they'll construct a road to financial wellness by...

First, creating clearer picture for all things financial and
Second, by merging the quantitative conversation (e.g., cash flow and net worth) with the qualitative (e.g., personal priorities and values) 

What financial educators do... 

* Educate clients in sound financial principles 
* Assist in overcoming financial indebtedness 
* Help clients modify ineffective money-management behaviors 
* Focus clients on achieving financial goals 
* Support clients as they work through financial challenges 
* Help clients understand the mechanics of money management 

Where do they start... 

Generally there are ten core competencies relevant to that discussionThis is where they begin to educate the client and assist them in the introduction of those principles into their personal or family situation. 

Additionally, they support the coordination of product solutions where appropriate. Why... because staying focused on your financial goals can be difficult. You know what they are and you know you’ll be better off if you stick to them. But you also have a lot going on in your life and it can be hard to remain dedicated to something just floating around in your head. 

Finally, if you’re feeling stressed know that you are not the only one frustrated. People interested in improving their financial situation understand they need a purpose-based approach but many lack the motivation to pursue those goals in a deliberate way and struggle to make progress.

When requested we use educators trained and credentialed through The Association for Financial Counseling and Planning EducationAgain, this service is designed to educate and assist you going forward.

That said, Abacus offers a free educational library supporting this mission. Subscribers to our educational service will receive our monthly newsletter (via email) titled..."Is This Your Situation" around the 15th of each month, which is paired with our consultation service and available at your discretion. Subscribers also receive a welcome packet discussing all services available. Subscribing is easy, just go to the "Service Requests" tab in the header and complete the form, in the message area just type "Educational Service Subscription" it's that easy.

Member, the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education (AFCPE)
As a non-profit organization they are dedicated to promoting financial literacy through multiple channels. Although focused more on the challenges of everyday financial life, they do support goals-based planning in both purpose and practice.

AFCPE brings together research, education and practical experience, and supports the profession through comprehensive training, professional development and high-quality resources to help improve the financial well-being of individuals and families. For over 30 years they have worked with the government, the military and a wide range of agencies to set policy. And, continue to collaborate with local practitioners that share their values and vision. Through membership and donations we proudly support the AFCPE mission.

**Service Disclosure**
This service was created to support our commitment to serving a larger financial literacy mission and is offered without cost to participants. This service considers a persons unique circumstances. This is not a cookie-cutter program. It is an individualized approach to financial wellness and living within your means with specific recommendations but flexible enough to adjust to life changes as necessary.