Personal Finance Counselor Affiliate

Status: Open Recruitment (No End Date)
Compensation: Free Membership w/Optional Referral Based Earnings Available

As an educator you have helped individuals and families create solid foundations for improving their money management habits. Those advocating financial literacy understand that success starts with embracing the fundamentals...

But have you felt limited? Are you having difficulty finding third-party support without compromising your fiduciary responsibilities? Would you welcome a relationship that understands those considerations?  Abacus provides such a service all while keeping you informed, involved and connected with your client as we work together to create their better tomorrow!

Create leverage using the power of association! Grow your practice! Establish a valuable resource knowing assistance with client issues is as close as your nearest phone! Include a licensed professional in topic specific video or phone client meetings at your discretion and without charge!

Individuals prefer to deal with credible practitioners that provide excellent value and superior service. When you introduce yourself to a potential client your brand will benefit from a direct association with Abacus, an organization that assists Personal Finance Counselors (PFCs) perpetuate success throughout their local area.

As mentioned, you are always a part of the process, we keep you informed, involved and connected so you may better serve your clients. Enjoy the fellowship and strengthen client connections. Here is what we are offering...

* Through our support center you'll have unlimited email access, without charge, to our pool of licensed professionals to answer questions
* Joint video or phone client meetings, at your discretion, to address client questions or provide additional insights without charge
* If needed, you may refer a client for follow-up work and earn a percentage based referral fee all while keeping you informed of its progress
* Free newsletter titled "Is This Your Situation" covering topics in personal finance for your redistribution
* Network members are eligible to receive discounted bookkeeping and marketing support allowing them to reclaim time spent on those tasks
* Plus Much More...

Have you been credentialed through the "Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education" or the "National Financial Education Council" if so, you're at the top of our list...

Interested? Please send your CV or Resume to...
Only U.S. residents are considered, make sure your contact information and the position you're applying for are referenced, look forward to hearing from you!